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Fire Rescue Police Model Discussion / Great potential emergency vehicle.
« Last post by RichK on Today at 08:51:32 AM »
I picked this up on Ebay, from an Argentina dealer. It is a 1993 Grumman Olson van. Bimbo is a South American bakery. The model looks to be well proportioned, and scales out to the advertised 1:43 scale. It has some nice detail, although in black plastic. Wipers, nice mirrors and front and rear bumper. They can always be painted. The drawback is the cargo doors on the rear. It would not be a huge project to cut those out and install the more common larger doors with windows. The roof appears to be plastic, so be careful putting the model in the stripper. A bonus though if you are doing a white over paint job. You could make some pretty nice emergency vehicles with these and some of those vintage FRR parts.
Fire Rescue Police Model Discussion / Re: Chevy Van re-release
« Last post by Sirentoys on January 10, 2019, 09:19:17 PM »
This is a cool kit.  I remember making one version of it a long time ago.  It didnít survive long.  we mainly built models to destroy them when I was younger. 

Since I got out of large scale models, is there still a resin repop market?  If so that bumper would be on it.. It does say there are parts to make other versions.  Maybe more than one set of decals...

Fire Rescue Police Model Discussion / Chevy Van re-release
« Last post by RichK on January 09, 2019, 09:03:13 AM »
Round 2 is re-releasing this gem of a model from 1973. It should be available at retailers this week. There was also a fire version. Great step bumper on this one.
Fire And Rescue Models In Progress / Ford GPA
« Last post by RichK on December 24, 2018, 03:21:17 PM »
I picked up a couple of these off of Ebay. They are part of a series, not available in the U.S. They are 1:43 scale Ford GPA's. They were developed as an amphibious jeep for World War II. They did not do well. There are quite a few that have survived. As much stuff as the govt. made available to public safety, I figured at least one fire department somewhere got one. I took it apart, and took all the parts off. The glue was really well applied. I had to use liquid plastic glue to soften up what they used. Once I got it apart, I painted the body, which is all diecast, and the chassis, which is all plastic. I also painted the bonnet for the bow but did not use any clear coat on it. I also painted the wheels. I left the dash alone, as I am sure they needed to see all the stickers and stuff. The windshield is one piece frame and windows. I will paint that later. I am only mocking up parts now. The hose reel, extinguishers, Indian pumps and deck gun are from a Corgi Seagrave. In taking the Corgi apart, I discovered just how much resin Corgi used. The entire hose bed was a solid block of resin. The hose reels are plastic, the extinguishers and Indian tanks are also resin. They were held in with metal pins. The deck gun is cast metal, and will have to be filed flat before I can mount it.
Fire Rescue Police Model Discussion / Metropolitan Washington DC police decals
« Last post by RichK on December 04, 2018, 07:59:04 PM »
I just released the MPDC decals in 1:43 scale. They have K-9 markings, and individual unit and district numbers it two sizes, plus individual license plate numbers so you can make about any car out there. You can see them and order off of my site.
Police Model Showcase / Re: Toronto Police Models
« Last post by coreyscruisers on December 03, 2018, 07:59:22 PM »
Thanks Rich, yeah I've heard similar rumors :)
Police Model Showcase / Re: Toronto Police Models
« Last post by RichK on December 03, 2018, 05:25:02 PM »
Those are nice looking Darren. I have heard of some new Toronto PD decals coming soon.
Police Model Showcase / Toronto Police Models
« Last post by coreyscruisers on December 03, 2018, 02:38:27 PM »
Been a little while since posting here. The 3 models posted here were all custom work, 2 in my collection and the other for a customer.

The first one is the stealth Taurus, complete tear down, paint stripping, prime, paint. The details were hand painted, B pillar, headlight turn signal recess, mirrors, spotlight, door handles and "chrome" window trim. The parts on the front pushbar came off of one Crown Vic pushbars. Decals are Bill's.

The all gray cruiser with white decals went through the same process. Decals are from JBot. Added the FRR lightbar, painted the inside of the base of the lightbar for color. used Zoli's laptop detail sheet to add to the interior detailing for the laptop itself.

The Explorer, slightly different, took it apart, taped down, roughed up the white paint where the gray was painted over. Rebuilt and on with the details and decals. Repainted the headlight detail by hand, the A pillar and rear spoiler. The lightbar was FRR Tahoe part, repainted the base of the interior for color. Decals were JBot.

Toronto Police went from all white cars to the all gray with white graphics when some of the general public started to whine about the cars which lead to a rework of the now new gray and white cars we see now. Also, just recently learned that with the Taurus cars no longer being made by Ford that they will be going with the Explorers. Looking forward to using the decals for the new gray and white models coming soon. Will post those once they are released as most of you know JBot is no longer making anything.
LOL - thanks Rich!  It's my 2, 3, and 4 years projects that are most concerning. :)

I have at least one 12 year project on my bench.  A couple of years is not unusual. 

Great looking model. Like a fine wine it canít be rushed and must let age.
Police Models In Progress / Re: Multiple layer decal work NYPD ESU Ford
« Last post by Steve on November 22, 2018, 08:52:02 AM »
WOW!!! Looks amazing!!
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