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Annual Event for 2016
« on: April 30, 2016, 09:51:15 AM », is not like any other. First, the shows are hosted. There has not been any interest shown this year for anyone to step up and host the show, that has not already done so. Second, the show is not cheap. We do not charge for the public to come and look at our models. So that leaves the cost of the show to be covered by the show host and myself and contributions from past show hosts. This is not a very cheap process. The average room cost at the host hotel is between $800 and $1200. We pay this out of our own pockets. We have always realized that the cost would prevent some from stepping up and hosting the show. This is OK, not everyone has the same income or time to dedicate. Using a room at the host hotel has allowed us the freedom to set our own hours for the show and set up times, and gives us the ability to have security. Having the show at Diecast Direct in Frankfort a few years back was a blessing, as we had those same liberties that a host hotel would afford us. Additionally, we decided that it would benefit more modelers by alternating the show from east to west, allowing those that can not afford to travel a chance to attend a show. This seems to have worked out well. This would have been the western US show. Additionally, there is a burden associated with packing up models and fire stations, and traveling several thousand miles to display them. Those with families have that additional burden associated with airfare, school schedules and vacation time for the spouse. And finally, we never did want our show to either be associated with another venue, or tagged on to a show or event that charges public admission. It was always felt that charging people to see what we do does not benefit the hobby. I would never considering charging someone to see one of my models, it just does not seem to be the right thing to do, and past hosts have agreed.

I had some really great ideas for this year, and had narrowed it down to two locations. But I just don't have the time to work on the logistics. Rather than settle for less, I have discussed these issues with past show hosts, and we have decided that because of the above stated reasons, and the continued decline of the hobby, we will take a year off and regroup. For me personally, I do not see much of a return to the old days when the hobby was alive and well. One only has to visit your favorite forums, and see the steady decline in participation. Perhaps a firm will bring out some new models, or something will bring on a resurgence to our little hobby. In the meantime, we will regroup and visit the show for next year. Thank you all for your continued support. Rich
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