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FRR Tahoe Work Truck Blank
« on: April 01, 2017, 02:09:17 PM »
I am debating getting the FRR Tahoe Work Truck and re-purposing them for regular models.

My main question is removing the chevrons from the rear, if anyone has done it, if so how it went, did they come off ok or was there any residual streaking on the back?

Appreciate any info.

Thanks, Darren


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Re: FRR Tahoe Work Truck Blank
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I have had much better luck with lacquer thinner lately, than the usual Non Acetone NPR. But like anything else, you have to use is sparingly. I wet a Q Tip, and then blot out the excess. Then I roll the Q Tip over the tampo a time or two, so that it loosens up. Then a fresh Q Tip and the tampo starts to lift. I personally have not tried the work truck chevrons, but this has worked on many other FRR tampo printings. Those white work trucks are about it for the Tahoes. Keep us posted.
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Re: FRR Tahoe Work Truck Blank
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Thanks, I may get one, give it a shot.