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Mount Vernon Rescue Fire Replicas
« on: July 04, 2018, 07:02:25 AM »
The Fire Replicas Mount Vernon set has had a second model done. The Sutphen Monarch cab mated with itís walk around Rescue body has over 600 hand crafted parts, the Museum grade models had gone through some major changes to convert a Chicago Snorkel Squad rear section with the Sutphen demo Cab. Cabís and bodies removed, enclosing the compartments up top, you have to know what the snorkel rescue body looked like to appreciate the changes. Finding the correct matching paint color took a little time and effort.
Rescue 456 is stationed with Engine 451 and a TDA Ladder. Engine 451 is the Fire Replicas Demo Sutphen Monarch Engine which has over 400 hand crafted parts.
InQuarters decals just make these models pop. Hopefully we can see more "blank demo" trucks, or maybe even a Sutphen Rescue done the road.